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Why Activity Books?

The Activity book market is evergreen, in high demand, and buyers make multiple purchases.
There is no limit on how many books you can create and how much you can earn.
Some of the top selling books on Amazon are puzzle and activity books.



Activity books sell throughout the year. There are endless holidays, events, and life situations to create books for. More than ever now because of Covid-19 people are home more and looking for ways to keep entertained.

High Demand

The demand never stops! There are so many people looking for gifts and ways to entertain themselves, friends, and family.

Huge Market

Activity books can have many different puzzles, games, and more. Everything from coloring pages, to word puzzles to trivia, etc.


Get started today! Activity Book Mastery creates the activity pages for you! You could be published in the next 24 hours!

Watch How The Software Works
Creating coloring pages

And More:

Real Results!

Activity Book Mastery

Awesome Features In One Complete Package

Automated Activity Pages

The proprietary software creates activity pages for you in just seconds. Download the PDFs, merge them (training shows how) and upload to Amazon, Etsy, or for other uses.

Coloring Pages

Use the Kaleidoscope, Layered Image, and Seamless Image features to make great coloring pages.


Make hundreds of mazes in less than a minute! Six maze types are included.

Paper Games

System supplied word search, sudoku, hangman, and tic-tac-toe

Comic Page Templates

Incredibly easy books to make and they can sell like wild.

Complete Training.

Video training shows you how to use the software, how to publish a book on Amazon, and what types of books work great in the activity book market.


AS EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3

    1. Use the software to create an activity book

    2. Add a cover

    3. Upload to Amazon


Activity Book Mastery:

  • Software Creates The Pages For You
  • Mazes, Coloring Pages, And More
  • No Experience Needed To Start
  • In Demand Evergreen Market
  • Full training
  • Dominate Niches Of Your Choice


    This is so simple anyone can do it. YOU DON'T NEED:

        Any social media following

        A website

        An eCommerce store

        A list

        Activity Book Mastery has everything you need!


Happy customers

What people say about our products

Overall the software is fantastic! I think you have a very valuable product on your hands!
This is an amazing program. So simple and effective.
Got my first sale yesterday! Thanks for all your support.
This software is *fantastic*, and I absolutely love using it.
I am blown away by your product.
Use to take me weeks to put one of these books together. Now it took minutes. Thank you!

Full 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked

I'm 100% confident you will love Activity Book Mastery!

But if you don't... I'm offering a full 30-Day, no questions asked money-back guarantee


Frequently ask questions

Doesn't matter. The only thing required is a connection to the internet. This is cloud based - it's a website on the internet.

Of course! No previous knowledge is needed. The training shows you everything, and the software creates the activities.

This is focused on adult level activities. Also fine for teenagers. Not for the childre's book market.

No. This is a new product with software features not found in the other products.

It doesn't cost anything. Amazon's Kindle Print platform is free to use. You will need to setup an account on Amazon so you can receive royalties from your book sales.

The software creates four types of coloring/drawing pages. As well as mazes, word search, sudoku, and comic page templates. You can make activity books using these and also from other sources that you can merge with what this product creates. Activity books are varied.

No. This is a one-time purchase.

No. The system creates the graphic and PDF files - which you assemble into books. If you plan to sell on Amazon or similar platforms you will need a cover. There is over-the-shoulder training for making a simple cover in Canva - an easy to use online graphics website. Covers are not covered much. They are a publishing avenue onto themselves.

You do not need to buy advertising when publishing books on Amazon. It is recommended to try it as it will bring faster sales.

Yes, all generated, downloadable content created or provided by the Activity Book Mastery system is full commercial use. Personal rights are granted for the use of the software and training itself. The software cannot be resold, however the puzzles and activities are yours to do what you wish with them.

No. Ebooks are digital. You can turn these into eBooks but that makes it impossible for people to do the activities. Instead make print books. Amazon has the KDP Print platform. Basically you upload a PDF of the activities along with a cover you create or hire someone to make. It's the same process for setting up ebooks, just that you are creating physical books that Amazon sells on demand as customers order them.

The software automates making books that are 8.5 x 11 inches. The books are PDFs which can be imported into other software and resized.

Not directly. The system created PDF files that can then be brought into Word, PowerrPoint, or other programs and further design can be done there.

No, this is the entire product.

The only feature that has words are the word search puzzles. These are set in English and cannot be changed.

Amazon defines large print as having a font size of 16 points or larger. Essentially yes. Much of what this software creates is visual, and not based on word activites. Just the word search puzzles have words of course - and these are considered large print size.

You have 30 days from your date of purchase to get a 100% refund.

For technical or purchase issues contact the help desk at . For training and general questions, join the Facebook group. The invite for the group is in the members area.

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as a result of using Activity Book Mastery.

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